GLOW has endless meanings. But for us, it's that "glowing" feeling you feel after a workout, taking a risk, or achieving something you thought was impossible. Our main purpose is to overcome double standards and any obstacles that women may face while being fierce, confident, and ambitious. We also want women to live life in the moment and to not take life too seriously. Appreciate everything for what it is and don't dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Glow’s foundation stems from our founders becoming inspired by women who push boundaries and present their hard working, ambitious attitude every-day. These women create a strong example for aspiring girls to continue to set and meet new goals while never backing down to a challenge. In order to continue to reach new heights and break down barriers, comfortability and confidence is key.

The founders of Glow match these two aspects using top quality materials and a large set of different styles in order to show off your fierce power. No matter the task at hand, Glow provides products which will keep you feeling confident and radiant while comfortable and durable.

Fit Your MOOD. Wear what you FEEL.